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Meticulously designed, exceptionally comfortable

Our mattresses are meticulously designed and assembled in America with the highest-quality materials. They’re expertly crafted for exceptional comfort and support. Our 30-plus years of hands-on industry knowledge informs every one of our products, at every price point. You’ll find all you need for a better night’s sleep at Leesa.

  • Mattress Concept


    Our Cofounder and Chief Product Officer Jamie Diamonstein’s concepts begin from a deep understanding of customer need. He pores over every detail in his notebook, down to the specific wire gauge in individually wrapped springs.

  • Mattress Prototype


    Everyone at Leesa participates in prototyping. From blind testing in our headquarters to bringing them home to sleep, we work the products until they are the best they can be for our customers.

  • Mattress Research

    Research & Test

    Our dedicated craftspeople rigorously test for durability and many other industry benchmarks. The personal commitment to testing at Leesa goes above and beyond. Fun fact: inferior foams lose density four times faster than ours—beware you’re not buying a mattress four times over.

  • Mattress Build


    Our mattresses are designed and assembled in America using high-quality materials to deliver better sleep. They’re assembled and compressed about a week after you order, then shipped directly to you, fresh from the factory.

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Better sleep, better world.

See how your purchase has purpose—better sleep for all.

Committed to better

Making better things in a better way is a long journey and we’re just getting started. We’re proud to do business differently and strive to make a positive impact on our communities, and our world—because she’s a stakeholder too.

Giving back to our communities has been a part of our DNA since Day One.

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